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Viewing Experience Online

The VEO environments are professional-use viewing platforms for viewing audiovisual works via the Internet, to which only authorised users have access.

All of these platforms have their own domain name, are restricted to the particular professional group for which they are created, and provide audiovisual content which the producers of it authorise for online publication and viewing.

All VEO platforms operate under a series of guidelines: security, quality, and cost savings.


Each user has a personal access code which only permits him or her access from a determined number of IP addresses.

Each work shall have the number of viewings allowed as determined by the producer for each user access code.

Information on the user code and IP address from which viewings are being conducted is displayed and maintained at all times.

Viewing by streaming in real time does not leave a copy in the hard drive of the computer on which the viewing takes place.

By not using physical support media, such as a DVD, possible copies unauthorised by the rights-holders is avoided.


Content is digitalised at various quality levels in such a manner that the user can choose the quality setting most suitable for the broadband available on the line from which the viewing is taking place.

There is a possibility of dynamic streaming, with which the system itself will automatically select the most suitable viewing quality for the broadband the telecommunications line has available on an ongoing basis during playback.

At present, this quality depends on the broadband available on telecommunications lines. EGEDA will adjust the digitalised content based on future increases of broadband customarily available.


This system provides the producer with a considerable cost savings by not having to manufacture and ship physical copies of their films to the users who need to see their works for professional purposes.

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